Pediatric Therapy

Most people think physical therapy is for people who have been injured through some trauma or though age.  i.e. slip and fall, arthritis, or after surgery. However, sometimes it’s for movement problems from an illness, disease, or disability (i.e. cerebral palsy, stroke, Parkinson’s, or muscular dystrophy).

Pediatric Physical Therapy is a commonly overlooked treatment path for conditions that children often run in to.

Here are common signs and reasons to bring your child in for physical therapy:

Your child is not crawling yet. We see kids as young as newborns to help boost developmental skills

Growing pains – Many pat rents believe that their child’s pain is just growing pains, however, it might not be that simple. The growing pains symptoms could be a condition such as Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease.

– Reduction or lack of performance in play or sport – There may be an underlying weakness causing your child lack in performance, which can affect their future and physical condition.

– Postural correction – Does your child play on their phones or a game consoles on a regular basis? This may cause your child to have back pain and even an early onset of scoliosis.

– Orthopedic Injuries – Children often slip and fall, resulting in sprains, strains, broken bones, injured ligaments or tendons. Our physical therapists treat all orthopedic conditions to help them rehabilitate and get back to their full potential.

Here is a list of treatments that PT can do to help: 

– Developmental activities, such as crawling and walking

– Balance and coordination activities

– Aquatic (water) therapy

– Training to build strength around an injury

– Flexibility exercises to increase range of motion

– Instruction on how to avoid injuries

– Safety and prevention programs

– Enhancing sports performance



Common Diagnoses    

Developmental delays – Every kid is a little different: some walk at 10 months and others at 14 months. Some sit perfectly 6month and others 9. Sometimes a kid runs a little behind on more than one skill. Physical Therapy can aide in assessing where your child’s skills are and where they fall into age appropriate norms. Then Physical Therapy can help improve those skills to achieve those milestones.

Scoliosis/Bad posture – Early detection of scoliosis can help avoid chronic back pain in the future. Kids today are texting and playing video and computer games; just creating terrible posture that can lead to a spinal curve.Physical Therapy is there to give the spinal strength and stability they need to grow a healthy spine.

Osgood-Schlatter’s – is an apophysitis of the tibial tuberosity. What that means is that you son/daughter has a muscle imbalance that is causing them to overstrain their quads. This can be misunderstood as normal growing pains or simple pain/soreness from sports.

Sports/Play Related Injury and Prevention – Of course Physical Therapy is here for all sprains, strains, and pains associated with all sports. All school age kids are out being active and injuries occur. Physical Therapy is specialized in all orthopedic problems that our kids seem to get themselves into.


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